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red crackle nail polish ideas Candidate's View: Vote in primary to put out D.C. Dumpster fire

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crack chi vuol essere milionario seconda edizione pc Washington, D.C., is a Dumpster fire. We all pay the price.

crack roche Richard PainterFirst, the Trump-Pence administration repeatedly ignores the laws and Constitution. Trump's "Muslim" travel ban suspended the First Amendment right to the free exercise of religion, and a deeply conservative Supreme Court was unwilling to intervene. President Donald Trump threatens the free press with rhetoric not heard since the 1932 presidential election — in Germany. Parents and children are separated at our border in apparent violation of Fifth Amendment due process. Trump reportedly has profited and benefited from foreign governments, which would be in violation of the emoluments clause of the Constitution. Meanwhile, the White House continually seems to obstruct justice in the Russia investigation to cover up whether it collaborated with a foreign adversary to win the 2016 election.

crack truecafe 5 In 1973, Congress faced evidence of criminal wrongdoing by the Nixon White House, far less evidence of wrongdoing than we face today. Some people said impeachment was a futile cause. But the House and Senate Judiciary Committees did their jobs and convened hearings. They asked tough questions and insisted on answers. By 1974, both President Richard Nixon and Vice President Spiro Agnew resigned from office.

how to crack rad studio 2010 That is exactly what the House and Senate must do today. As your senator, next January, I will demand an investigation of the Trump-Pence administration. I believe the evidence will lead to their removal from office, but we shall see.

fastcam mto crack Investigation and impeachment are not priorities for my opponent, Sen. Tina Smith, but I believe our republic is at grave risk if we do not act now.

crack castle clash android Second, we need single-payer health insurance. We shell out billions to health insurance companies that divert much of our money to investors and CEO pay. Americans are tired of subsidizing drug companies and medical-device companies that charge far more for their products in the United States than in other industrialized countries that have single-payer health care. All three industries' political action committees buy political influence in Washington. We are tired of some members of Congress owning millions of dollars of stock in health care companies and having fundraisers hosted by company CEOs.

kav crack 2011 I strongly support Medicare-for-all introduced by Sen. Bernie Sanders. I urge Sen. Smith (after selling her husband's medical-device stock) to do the same.

cool edit pro 2.1 full crack download free Finally, our planet is at risk. The fossil-fuel industry pours carbons into our atmosphere. The sulfide-mining industry, controlled by foreign billionaires, threatens to pollute our boundary waters and the Duluth watershed. They have the political action committee money, the CEO campaign contributions, and now the amendment from Smith that helped transfer federal land to PolyMet for sulfide mining. The environmental and economic impact on Duluth and the Iron Range could be devastating if investors shun our tourism industry, and, eventually, tourists and new residents stop coming.

tai acdsee pro 4 full crack In the Senate, I will promote genuine solutions to economic stagnation on the Iron Range and other rural areas, including tax credits for businesses that create well-paying jobs in high-unemployment areas. Minnesota needs more businesses owned by Minnesotans — or at least by Americans — who care about our environment, our economy, and the people who live here.

free download crack for monopoly here and now With your help in the Aug. 14 primary (remember you can vote early by mail), we will put out the D.C. Dumpster fire and make our government work for the people.

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tomb raider skidrow crack only download Richard Painter of Mendota Heights, Minn., is one of six DFLers in the special election for the U.S. Senate seat previously held by Al Franken, who resigned. The primary election is Aug. 14.

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